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  • With over 20 years experience, Stone brings to the table a wide variety of images both from the existential world, as well as the inner human spirit. To capture truth in life, liberty uninhibited and the pursuit of joy that each and every one of us strive for, to freeze moments in time, comment on injustice and shed light on a dark world...


  • Landscapes, yes that's right, first and foremost , these days i am a large format landscape photographer. What's "Large Format"? well to simplify it, you know those pictures of guys in front of a box with what looks like a black acordion in front of them and they have their head under a black cloth? That's it. What does this mean to YOU? It means I can create massive murals, images larger than life! I sell the standard 8x10 just so you can see what you're getting, and then I create something in the 20x24 size or larger. Contact me, tell me if you prefer color images, or B&W images and I'll mail you out a small portfolio of images to choose from of prints I have created and the various sizes and prices available. The 8x10 porfolio is yours to keep regardless of whether you order something or not.
  • "What about people? Or do you only photograph mountains?" Yes of course, like any photographer, I love the human element, and if that's what you came for, then please read below.


  • People... The amazing path of artistry and image making has lead me to a place unlike the normal photographers of the working world. As such, my services have changed, I no longer accept the traditional photo job. As such, I am only accepting specialized commisioned jobs.
  • What does this mean to you? What this means is that if you wnould like me to photograph your wedding, special event, etc, then you will need to do so under my terms, and the terms are, essentially that you should not expect the standard digital monotony of 3,000 pictures at your wedding, if you want that, hire someone else.
  • "Well then what the heck should I expect?" you might ask, well you should expect a fine art film filled event (that's right, film, like you or probably your parents used 10-100 years ago. There will be speciallized setups, assistants, makeup artists, hair production people. Like a movie set, but remember I am the director.
  • "Why is he being so bossy?" you might ask yourself, well I've done the standard thing, it's just not worth my time, all the snapping, digital images that you'll use on FB and forget about in a month. I want something you can keep in your home and cherrish for the rest of your lives. I'm not just talking weddings, I'm tlaking that sweet 16, that corporate event like no other, that modeling portfolio that just screams originality!
  • What does it cost? Well that truly depends on what you want out of the shoot, but assume that the bill won't be less than $6,000 and shouldn't be more than $50,000 unless you want a hellicopter or yacht involved... I've done the standard thing, and it's boring. If you want a little of both, I suggest you plan to hire a normal photographer to give you the stuff your guests expect, and hire me for the unexpected!


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